Our documentary film follows the journey of nuclear weapons development from uranium extraction to weapons deployment. At each step we examine the numerous impacts this industry has on communities and individual lives. A nuclear weapon does not have to be detonated to be dangerous or even deadly.  We bring enquiring young adults together with those living in affected communities as well as experts for on-camera discussions. This approach creates a social action within the process of filmmaking, making for a more dynamic viewing experience and gives younger viewers a point of access to the film. It also adds a visceral humanity to the already unsettling stories. The nuclear weapons industry has contaminated the water and agriculture of many communities around the globe. Our intention is to bring these stories forward to audiences with a heightened level of humanity and accessibility.

The film also discusses the international and political efforts to control the proliferation of these weapons while looking at how treaties in general have been approached in the past and how that reflects on the wider global community who are working toward the abolition of nuclear weapons. Following the film's established format of introducing young adults to those individuals affected by the industry, we now include experts of international relations as we experience insightful discussions about the importance of such efforts from the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean signed in 1967, to the recent adoption in 2017 by the United Nations of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  

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